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Xi Jinping called on the BRICS to form a common AI governance structure.

Xi Jinping called on the BRICS to form a common AI governance structure.

Artificial intelligence is a new area that can bring risks, the BRICS countries need to form a common AI governance structure, Chinese President Xi Jinping said at the 15th BRICS Summit in Johannesburg.


“Artificial intelligence is a new area of ​​human development that can bring great opportunities, but also risks and challenges,” Xi said.


According to him, the BRICS countries have already agreed to start work on the study of artificial intelligence.


“(It is necessary) to continue to expand cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence, strengthen information sharing and technical cooperation, work together on risk prevention, build an artificial intelligence governance structure and standards based on broad consensus,” Xi said.

The Chinese leader also noted the need to constantly improve the security and reliability of artificial intelligence.

The BRICS summit is being held in Johannesburg on August 22-24, where the leaders of China, India, Brazil and South Africa are present, Russia is represented by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov. Russian President Vladimir Putin announced that he would participate in the summit via videoconference.

BRICS unites Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, but recently at least 19 states have expressed their desire to join the economic bloc, including Argentina, Iran, Algeria, Tunisia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and Egypt.