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Xi, Modi vow to work together against ‘radicalization’

Xi, Modi vow to work together against ‘radicalization’

Chinese and Indian leaders have acknowledged a common challenge, radicalization and ways how to avoid it in the modern, fast-changing world, Japan Times reported.

President Xi Jinping arrived in India with an informal visit on Friday. The Indian host Prime Minister Narendra Modi hailed their candid, heart-to-heart discussions on bilateral relations.

According to the foreign ministry spokesman Raveesh Kumar, Friday was “a highly productive day.”

On Saturday, both politicians have discussed the latest developments, which are maintaining and expanding the Sino-India relations. Among other issues, Chinese and Indian leaders have also agreed to cooperate against “radicalization.”

The Asian giants with historically prickly ties had exchanged sharp words over Kashmir as well. India and China have never been the best of friends, going to war in 1962 and engaging in a series of Himalayan standoffs since.

In fact, India has been enraged by Beijing’s diplomatic support for Pakistan, which controls a much larger part of the disputed Muslim-majority Kashmir region.

On Friday, the leaders have been discussing another important issue, a radicalization, which poses a common threat for both India and China. Mr Xi and Mr Modi acknowledged they would work together to see that radicalization and terrorism did not affect the fabric of their “multicultural, multiethnic, multireligious societies”.

China and India: Huawei, trade deficit and the US protectionism issues to discuss

Xi and Modi’s meeting, over-elaborate meals and dance performances at the World Heritage site of Mahabalipuram on Friday and Saturday, are aimed at building on strong and reliable relations, which have a long history.

On commerce, India and China are both facing a protectionist Washington and want greater access to each other’s markets. One of the central topics was also enhancing trade and investment.

China wants India to ignore Western cybersecurity concerns on Huawei and allow the telecoms firm to be part of 5G trials. For the Indian economy, Huawei’s contribution is obvious to all, China’s foreign ministry said.