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Yemen: Hodeidah meetings end without breakthrough

Yemen: Hodeidah meetings end without breakthrough

Yemen’s authorities welcomed the delegations from the United Nations, the Yemen government and Houthis. Trilateral meetings overseen by Lt Gen Michael Lollesgaard have ended without a breakthrough, Aaswat news agency reported.

The joint meeting of the Redeployment Coordination Committee (RCC) took place on weekend. After two days of discussing the latest developments between Houti rebels, UN and the Yemeni government, the participants were not able to produce any communique on some technical aspects of the first phase of the redeployment plan.

The trilateral meeting started on Sunday evening onboard a United Nations ship on the Red Sea. The important diplomatic meeting is overseen by the head of the UN mission, Lt General Michael Lollesgaard also is a person in charge who oversees the ceasefire in Aden.

The Redeployment Coordination Committee’s meeting ended without a breakthrough, the local media reported. The Iran-backed Houthi rebels are definitely not ready to implement the first phase of the Stockholm agreement, Yemeni government’s statement said.

RCC meeting showed no results, peace process stagnates

While Lollesgaard is expected to present his report on Yemen to the UN Security Council on Thursday, the meeting didn’t resolve any issue. RCC was aimed to referred unresolved issues related to the security at the Yemeni ports and financial revenues to the political leadership of both parties.

Earlier, the participants did agree on some technical aspects of the first phase of the redeployment plan but during the meeting, “the Houthis completely opposed the return of security forces and employees based on the 2014 payroll system, before the militia coup in Hodeidah,” the Yemeni official noted.

On Monday, the UN said Yemen’s warring parties had agreed on a “mechanism and new measures to reinforce the ceasefire and de-escalation.”

In fact, reducing hostilities around Hodeidah “as soon as possible” remains the central topic of the talks.

In May, the UN announced that the Houthis had withdrawn from Hodeidah’s three ports, the first practical step since the December 2018 ceasefire deal.

But the government accused the militias of faking the pullout, saying they had merely handed control to their allies.