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Yemen: Houthis blame Saudi-led forces for deadly blasts

Yemen: Houthis blame Saudi-led forces for deadly blasts

Houthis rebels in Yemen said that Saudi Arabian-led coalition forces have initiated three explosions at the Aden Airport, Yeni Safak reported. On Friday, the terroristic act resulted in 26 killed, more than 100 injured.

The Ministry of Human Rights of the Houthi government has condemned the terror act, saying that undermined the stability in the fragile region. That move made by the Saudi-led coalition forces has no international legitimacy, the Houthi officials added.

According to Houthis, explosions were the result of Saudi Arabia’s activities aimed at breaking up the social fabric in southern provinces. Additionally, the coalition forces are persistently forming armed cells that planted explosives and orchestrating assassinations.

Friday attacks took place in the shadow of the bankruptcy of coalition forces who planned and directly supported terror attacks on Aden Airport to target a civil facility by terror groups.

Saudi-led coalition forces have not yet commented on the Houthis statement.

At least 26 people were killed and more than 100 injured in three explosions that rocked the airport Wednesday in the southern port city soon after newly formed government members arrived in the temporary capital.