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Yemen: Number of cholera cases reaches 600,000

Yemen: Number of cholera cases reaches 600,000

Yemen’s health ministry showed on Tuesday that cholera outbreak is still strong. Since April, a number of cholera cases reached 600,000, says the World Health Organization.

In Yemen, cholera is continuing to kill people, the growth of the epidemic has slowed in the past two months, but 2,048 Yemenis have died already. According to the data of the WHO, around 3,000 new daily cases have been reported in recent days.

Cholera spread by ingestion of food or water tainted with human faeces can kill within hours if untreated. The war-torn countries like Yemen suffer a lot from the outbreaks of similar infections, which start to spread right after the destroying of the sanitation systems and water treatment.

The civil war in Yemen is going on, and economic collapse has made it extremely difficult to deal with catastrophes such as cholera, infections and mass hunger. That is the complex problem that requires, first of all, the repairing and improvement of whole sanitation systems. As of September, 5, a number of cholera cases reached 600,000 in Yemen.

World Health Organization: facts and figures on cholera in Yemen

The WHO officials say the conflict has already killed over 10,000 people and displaced millions more, gutting the nation’s health, water and sanitation systems. The absence of these corner stones of the country’s health makes impossible the victory over cholera or, at least, the slowdown of its outbreak in the African state.

Millions of Yemenis remain cut off from clean water and the waste collection has ceased in major cities, said the WHO, adding that in August that more than one million children were at risk.