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Yemen: President Biden forgets his promises

Yemen: President Biden forgets his promises

The US President Joe Biden used to make ending the Yemen conflict a campaign promise during the 2020 race. However, upon taking the office, there were no moves in that direction.

Biden not only forgotten his promise but also has been upset about Yemenis’ practising self-defence, taking into account the recent reaction of the White House over the Yemeni attack on the Jazan oil facility.

US State Department spokesman Ned Price didn’t hide Biden’s anger over the incident, saying the assault took place just days after Saudi Arabia and Yemen committed to reach a ceasefire and participate in peace talks led by the United Nations.

Six years ago, a few Arab states led by Saudi Arabia attacked Yemen. Now, the war-torn nation lives in this catastrophic situation. Meantime, the Saudi peace initiative is solely a tactic, the experts said. In other words, if the Saudis are willing to end the war, suffice it to extinguish the fire.