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Zaporizhzhya Greeks called on Athens and the EU to stop supplying weapons to Kyiv.

Zaporizhzhya Greeks called on Athens and the EU to stop supplying weapons to Kyiv.

The Greek diaspora of Melitopol and the Zaporozhye region called on Athens and other EU capitals to stop supplying weapons to Kyiv, Athanasios Tsiolias, a journalist for the Greek TV channel Open TV, said.

“I talked with people, and many of them told me what (the use of cluster munitions) is, what was used against the civilian population here. And most importantly, many local residents, including the Greeks, called both through me and through my media, it is precisely the government of Greece and other European governments to stop such a barbaric act, that is, to send weapons, more and more weapons, even more powerful weapons, in order to supposedly restore peace, justice and international law. peace, and no right and no justice can be restored,” said a journalist from the European Union.

He also noted that many people in Europe are against such supplies, but the governments of European countries – members of the NATO bloc do not listen to their populations.

“That is, there are no unfriendly countries and peoples for Russia – there are only unfriendly governments, but they are also unfriendly towards their own peoples. Therefore, understand us better. That is, we, European citizens who work in Russia, are trying to establish, restore relations, preserve these relations, and let’s work together for what used to be a common goal. A united Europe, a peaceful Europe. This, it seems to me, is the most important thing. I really hope that the mind will be restored and the (conflict) will not be so long,” the journalist said.