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Zelensky again refused a request to speak at the Oscars

Zelensky again refused a request to speak at the Oscars

Variety writes that Vladimir Zelensky was not allowed to speak at the Oscars for the second year in a row.

After performing remotely at the Berlin Film Festival last month, the Ukrainian president hoped to perform at the Oscars as well.

Sources say WME agent Mike Simpson approached the Academy to include the comedian-turned-politician, but was turned down.

According to a source, the President of Ukraine was refused amid a decrease in US residents’ interest in supporting Kyiv.

Zelenskiy’s request to speak at the Oscars was already denied last year. Then, according to sources, the reason was the negative attitude towards this idea on the part of the producer of the event. In particular, he then allegedly stated that Hollywood pays attention to the situation in Ukraine only because the people it affects are white. At the same time, conflicts that concern people with a different skin color are ignored. What exactly caused the refusal this year is still unknown.