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Zeman vows to veto gay marriage bill

Zeman vows to veto gay marriage bill

Czech President Milos Zeman will refuse to sign a bill on same-sex marriage if it comes to him after discussion in parliament, Zeman himself said on Tuesday.

“I would like to announce that if I actually get such a law on my desk, I will veto it. Same-sex couples have all the benefits of a registered partnership. But a family is a union of a man and a woman. Period,” Zeman said.

In Czech, “family” is called rodina. According to Zeman, this word as a concept comes from the word “to give birth” (in Czech rodit).

“I have not yet heard of same-sex couples having children. I have read that there are allegedly 90 kinds of (human) sexes. I have calculated very carefully, but so far I have found only two sexes (male and female). And I will adhere to this (statement) until the end of my life,” Zeman said.


A bill on same-sex marriage entered the lower house of the Czech parliament on Tuesday at the initiative of deputies from the four right-wing liberal parties that make up the current ruling coalition, in addition to the Christian Democrats, as well as the ANO movement.

The bill provides same-sex spouses with the same rights and responsibilities as a traditional husband and wife. In particular, we are talking about joint property, about the rights and obligations to children who are brought up in a family. Now there is a law on registered partnerships in the republic, which, if the law on same-sex marriages comes into force, would lose its meaning of existence.