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Zero-waste design studio turns paper into jewellery

Zero-waste design studio turns paper into jewellery

Jewellery’s new trend is recycling, says designer Devi Chand who transforms wastepaper into beautiful home decorations and stylish bracelets, rings and necklaces.

Papermelon becomes a zero waste jewellery company that works with other local artisans and suppliers for jewellery fixings, packaging and gift wrap. According to Chand, each and every piece is made from meticulously built paper beads, and since all the material is upcycled, the final results are always unique.

The Papermelon studio receives a steady stream of paper from friends and businesses who collect their waste paper specifically for use by Papermelon. Coated in several layers of sealant, the jewellery and home accessories are designed to last for many years.

Moreover, everything is done by hand, including the labels written for shipping, all the information is available on the Papermelon website. The company ships internationally at no additional cost, while new designs are available each month.

As businesses seek to make headway in reducing packaging waste and overall carbon emissions, paper and composite materials that include paper are often used because of their recyclability. Two recent examples are the electronics company that has created a new sustainable packaging material, and the use of plain white paper on roofs and walls as an air conditioning replacement, Springwise reported.