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Zero-waste toothpaste invented in Canada

Zero-waste toothpaste invented in Canada

Zero-waste toothpaste was presented by the Canadian start-up, Change Toothpaste. As Springwise reports, the small company has developed a chemical-free toothpaste that has no plastic packaging.

Zero-waste toothpaste has no impact on environment, this plastic-free oral product dissolves as you brush your teeth, preventing the release of harmful chemicals. According to the description, the pea-sized tablets promise to be waste-free and mess-free, and the packaging pouch it comes in is biodegradable.

The innovative toothpaste was presented in tablet form, is part of the company’s efforts to reduce plastic waste. The ‘toothtablets’ are spearmint flavoured, the product works differently to traditional toothpaste. You bite the tablet and then brush with water, whereupon it starts to foam.

The Canadian-based company experimented with 119 different recipes to develop the spearmint-flavoured tablets free of chemicals.

Toothpaste or toothtablets?

The inventors tried to make a perfect product for he basic oral hygiene. It should be comfortable to use and friendly for the environment.

The startup has also recently surpassed their crowdfunding goals. A months-worth of toothtablets cost just under seven euros, and the company offers bamboo toothbrushes alongside the toothpaste in tablets.

In fact, the chemicals released into the water when we wash it down the drain promote algae growth harms marine life. In addition, their plastic tubes also aren’t recyclable, so, the plastic-free and chemicals-free toothpaste promise to gain popularity among users.