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Zika hits Malaysia: 1st case confirmed

Zika hits Malaysia: 1st case confirmed

Zika hits Malaysia, the 1st case confirmed in the country on Thursday. According to the medicals, the victim has infected in Singapore, where 115 people have so far been infected. The Minister of Health of Singapore told many of infected are foreigners.

Zika virus hits Malaysia, one woman after visiting the neighbor country Singapore came back with the infection. According to the official data, a 58-year-old woman had worked in Singapore, she had shown signs of a rash and fever one week after her returning home on August 21. Malaysian Health Minister said at the press conference:

“We are carrying out control measures against aedes mosquitoes near the woman’s home to prevent the spread of the virus.”

Singapore authorities concerned with the transmission of Zika in the city-state, one of the world’s largest financial centers and busiest travel hubs. On Wednesday the official number of Zika victims had jumped to 115, said Ministry of Health.

Zika in Singapore: 115 cases reported

Zika cases were reported in Singapore, according to the Minister for Health Gan Kim Yong:

“Over time, we expect Zika cases to emerge from more areas. We must work and plan on the basis that there is Zika transmission in other parts of Singapore and extend our vector control efforts beyond the current affected areas.”

The foreign officials in Singapore said, that 21 Chinese nationals, 13 Indians, six Bangladeshis, and an Indonesian are also among the 115 cases of Zika registered in the country.

Regarding the Malaysians infected with Zika in Singapore, five people had a positive test for virus. Among them is the latest victim’s adult daughter, who works in Singapore, Mr. Gan Kim Yong said.