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Zurich shooting: Two shot dead, no terror link

Zurich shooting: Two shot dead, no terror link

Zurich, quiet and respectable Swiss city, became the crime scene on Friday. Two shot dead as a result of shooting close to offices used by Swiss bank UBS. The police said it is violent crime with nor link to terrorism neither danger to the public.

In Zurich, after the shooting city centre, two small tents erected at the blocked-off crime scene, close to offices used by Swiss bank UBS. The shooting took place shortly before 14:30 local time (13:30 GMT) on Lagerstrasse in the Europaallee area.

Zurich police confirmed that there are no links to terrorism, the shooting was sporadic. The policemen rushed to the scene near the central train station after passers-by reported hearing shots on Friday afternoon. According to officers, upon arriving in the Europaallee, they found one person dead and a second with serious injuries, who subsequently died.

Zurich police assured the public that the situation is under control and there is no reason to panic, the shooting is a common “violent crime”. There were no further details from the officers, indeed. The residents of Zurich, the biggest city of Switzerland and one of the most respectable ones in the world, the Friday’s shooting became a real tragedy.