Today: Sunday, 26 May 2024 year

Biden held talks with the President of Romania.

Biden held talks with the President of Romania.

US President Joe Biden held talks with his Romanian counterpart Klaus Iohannis on Tuesday; the leaders reaffirmed their commitment to support Ukraine, including facilitating the supply of Ukrainian grain to world markets, the White House said in a statement.

“The leaders of the two countries reaffirmed their strong position regarding support for Ukraine… in addition, President Biden expressed gratitude for Romania’s support for Ukrainian refugees and assistance in efforts to supply Ukrainian grain to the world market,” the US administration informed.

Biden also thanked Iohannis for stationing U.S. troops in Romania and his commitment to securing NATO’s eastern flank.

“The leaders also agreed that bilateral cooperation on energy security is critical. They noted that this is one of many areas of our evolving economic and trade relationship,” the White House said.

Earlier, Iohannis said that he was ready to discuss the possibility of providing Ukraine with Patriot air defense systems, but wanted to know what Bucharest would receive in return.