Saturday, 28 May 2022 year
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16 : 46
Two girls who opposed the fight against the monuments to the restorers were detained in Riga.
16 : 27
In Germany, the official of the Ministry of Defense Möller announced the secret decision of NATO forces in Ukraine
16 : 23
US Navy Special Forces are going to modernize their underwater vehicles
14 : 22
Britain and G7 countries are working on the resumption of grain exports from Ukraine
14 : 05
Riot breaks out at Apple’s Chinese factory
14 : 02
The son of Ratko Mladic reported the deterioration of his father’s health in prison
13 : 58
US are in ‘schizophrenic moment’, Nicaraguan president says
13 : 52
The number of indoor swimming pools in Britain will increase due to electricity prices
12 : 50
The world economy is deformed due to rivalry between the US and China
20 : 42
Iran detains IRGC two Greek tankers in the Persian Gulf
20 : 25
NATO negotiations went well: Finland announces progress with Turkey
20 : 21
Iranian authorities have detained two tankers of Greece with oil in response to the detention of Russian ships
17 : 51
The Finnish Foreign Ministry has declared its desire to keep peace on the border with Russia.
17 : 45
More than 100 cases of monkeypox confirmed in Britain
15 : 37
In China, military experts plan to destroy all Starlink satellites Elon Musk
15 : 31
Paintings were stolen from ex-Chancellor Schroeder in Germany
15 : 27
Oil shortage from Ukraine hinders US infant formula shortage
15 : 22
Hungarian gas stations impose restrictions on gasoline for foreigners
15 : 19
The Ministry of Defense of Poland called a fake video with announcing the mobilization of the President of Poland Duda
15 : 14
Stoltenberg called the condition for the entry of Sweden and Finland into NATO