Thursday, 30 June 2022 year

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10 : 52
The head of US national intelligence estimated the chances for a truce between Russia and Ukraine
10 : 43
Britain showed dissatisfaction with Russian ships in its waters
10 : 33
First case of monkeypox confirmed in Turkey
10 : 24
Tests of American hypersonic missile in Hawaii failed
18 : 13
Kurds said they are waiting for clarifications from Sweden and Finland on the extradition mechanism to Turkey
18 : 08
NATO: strategic cooperation between Russia and China
14 : 26
Scotland announces new independence referendum
14 : 15
Britain resumes imports of products from the Japanese Fukushima
14 : 11
NATO countries officially invited Sweden and Finland to the alliance
10 : 55
China’s envoy to the UN urged to prevent a cold war over Ukraine
10 : 51
The United States was going to send additional squadrons of F-35 fighters to Britain
10 : 48
Biden intends to create a permanent headquarters of the US army corps in Poland
10 : 41
Britain decided to stop gas exports to the EU in case of a reduction in supplies from Russia
10 : 35
Letting Sweden and Finland into NATO, Turkey achieved its goal
20 : 16
Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Lijian said that the population in the G7 is only part of the world community
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Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said the first case of monkeypox has been identified in Turkey. ⠀ "Monkeypox was found in one of our patients. The patient is 37 years old, has a deficiency of the i...