Monday, 22 April 2024 year

Fresh news

11 : 15
The President of Cyprus said the EU will conclude a deal with Lebanon to reduce the influx of refugees.
07 : 38
Seoul protested after Japanese politicians visited the Yasukuni Shrine.
18 : 37
Congress called the financing of Ukraine a disgrace for the United States.
16 : 35
Musk called the decline in the US birth rate an absolute disaster.
13 : 19
Serbia opposed the resolution on Srebrenica at the UN General Assembly.
08 : 15
The US Senate has supported the Alien Surveillance Act.
07 : 23
Elon Musk has postponed his trip to India.
17 : 08
The Bolivian Foreign Ministry called Palestine’s membership in the UN a guarantee of peace in the Middle East.
17 : 04
Stoltenberg called on NATO countries to take risks with arms supplies for the sake of Ukraine.
13 : 53
The G7 countries are more united than ever, Blinken said.
08 : 52
In Copenhagen, work continues to extinguish the fire in the stock exchange building.
08 : 49
The US commented on Israel’s attack on Iran.
18 : 32
The US said it had no information about the condition of the hostages being held by Hamas.
14 : 02
Iran has threatened to strike Israel’s nuclear facilities in case of aggression.
09 : 37
Borrell called for adherence to Zelensky’s plan at the summit in Switzerland.
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