Saturday, 4 February 2023 year

Fresh news

08 : 03
The Austrian Ministry of Defense commented on the decision to help Ukraine.
13 : 37
The EC has created a center for “prosecution for the crime of aggression in Ukraine.”
13 : 36
The Netherlands and Germany can combine ground forces.
13 : 34
The head of the Ministry of Digital Development of Iran called the reason for the temporary shutdown of the Internet.
11 : 32
Borrell confirmed that the EU will increase the number of military personnel undergoing training for the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
08 : 55
The mayor of Chisinau urged residents to stock up on water.
17 : 32
According to Orban, Ukraine is unlikely to remain a sovereign state
17 : 27
The Ministry of Trade of Kazakhstan advocates the closure of the trade mission in Russia
17 : 23
Scholz received a verbal blow
15 : 46
China issued a warning to the EU with words about Russia.
15 : 44
One person was injured in a Washington subway shooting.
15 : 43
Netanyahu said he did not want a military confrontation with Russia.
15 : 40
The FBI conducts a search of Biden’s house in the case of classified documents.
05 : 39
Lukashenko spoke about the significance of the Russian Orthodox Church.
05 : 38
The US may announce expanded access to bases in the Philippines.
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