Saturday, 25 March 2023 year

Fresh news

07 : 23
The American intelligence officer told what the United States had prepared for Ukraine.
07 : 21
The candidate for the post of head of Turkey called the expansion of NATO to the East a threat.
20 : 59
In Moldova, the opposition demanded that the government raise pensions.
12 : 33
The Prime Minister of Ukraine said that he had met with the Vice President of the World Bank.
12 : 31
The French trade union called for protests against the visit of Charles III.
10 : 12
U.S. congressman declares threat to national security
10 : 05
US fears consequences of China’s denial of Ukraine plan
09 : 57
In Germany, announced a possible shortage of gas in the winter
07 : 39
A Thai man shot three people from his window.
07 : 35
The US Ambassador spoke about the possible transformation of the Kosovo Security Forces.
16 : 18
Iran, Britain, France and Germany have negotiated a JCPOA.
16 : 14
Sandu approved the recognition of the Romanian language as the state language.
10 : 41
A Serbian lawyer called the use of uranium in Ukraine a war crime.
09 : 23
The British do not support London’s decision to transfer uranium munitions to the Armed Forces of Ukraine
09 : 10
Parallels between Iraq and the US are drawn
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