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Greece has stated that it will not send air defense systems to Ukraine.

Greece has stated that it will not send air defense systems to Ukraine.

Greece has clearly stated that it will not send air defense systems to Ukraine so as not to jeopardize its own air defense capabilities, government spokesman Pavlos Marinakis said, commenting on opposition claims of “secret diplomacy.”

The Financial Times wrote on Monday that EU and NATO allies are putting intense pressure on Greece and Spain to provide Ukraine with Patriot and S-300 air defense systems because their needs are “not as great as Ukraine’s.” According to the newspaper, pressure was also exerted at the recent EU summit. Marinakis denied this publication at a briefing on Monday, but the party’s largest opposition considered the denial “half-hearted” and accused the authorities of “secret diplomacy.” The opposition demanded an immediate answer to whether the Financial Times report that pressure was being put on Greece was true, and to provide full information about all the obligations undertaken by Athens.

“I clearly answered that we will not take any steps that would jeopardize the country’s deterrent potential, the country’s air defense. This was a clear denial on my part. And since I was once again asked to respond to publications, to rumors, to information about assistance to Ukraine at this level, I think there was no room for misinterpretation. However, thank you for giving me the opportunity to repeat this on your radio,” Marinakis said.

Journalists also asked to comment on publications from which it follows that Athens agrees to supply Ukraine with air defense if the United States undertakes to replace the Patriot and S-300 missiles at Greece’s disposal with new missiles.

“I do not have such information. When I answer such questions, I adhere to what the relevant ministries tell me. I can repeat that in no case will actions be taken that will jeopardize the country’s deterrent capabilities, its air defense, and at present the Greek side has no such intention,” Marinakis said.

When asked whether Greece will send air defense systems to Ukraine if it receives missiles from the United States and thereby avoids a deterioration in its defense capabilities, the government spokesman answered in the negative.

“No, no, no. I don’t want anything left unclear. The answer is clear. At this time, I simply cannot confirm a message that I am not familiar with, and I don’t know any details about what it says.” “I don’t know anything about this that I could at least minimally confirm,” Marinakis said.