Today: Sunday, 26 May 2024 year

Trump commented on the pro-Palestinian protests in New York.

Trump commented on the pro-Palestinian protests in New York.

Former US leader Donald Trump, commenting on the protests in New York, told Fox News that current President Joe Biden is unable to resolve the situation with pro-Palestinian protests in the country.

Earlier it was reported that the New York police set up cordons two blocks from Columbia University, where students barricaded themselves against Israel’s operation in the Gaza Strip. As reported by the media, the police entered the university territory and about 100 people were detained.

“We must stop the anti-Semitism that is now spreading across our country. Biden must do something. Biden must be the voice of our country… but no one is listening to this voice. I don’t think he is capable of doing anything,” Trump said, answering a journalist’s question about what he thought about what was happening in New York.

According to the former US President, what is happening is “impossible to believe.”

“Three, four, five years ago it was impossible to even think that this would happen,” the politician emphasized.


The campuses of prestigious American universities have in recent days become the epicenter of outrage over the Israeli operation in the Gaza Strip, with numerous civilian casualties and US assistance to its main Middle Eastern ally. The protests intensified amid US approval of a new aid package for Israel.