Saturday, 1 April 2023 year
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19 : 04
Erdogan approved the parliament’s decision to ratify Finland’s application to NATO.
15 : 14
The leader of the Turkish Motherland party accused the parliament of protecting NATO interests.
11 : 19
Germany has so far ruled out sending Ukraine additional Leopard tanks.
08 : 39
The poll showed how many Americans support the allegations against Trump.
08 : 35
The head of Moldova met with Zelensky.
17 : 13
The EU countries turned to the head of the European Commission because of the crisis with Ukrainian grain.
17 : 08
The United States did not answer the UN Security Council question about the deployment of nuclear weapons in Europe.
11 : 17
After the arrest of the WSJ journalist, the Poles were again advised to leave Russia.
11 : 15
The EC will not revise the price ceiling for oil from Russia yet.
11 : 13
Lukashenko announced the risk of starting a third world war.
08 : 34
At least 35 people died when the floor of a temple collapsed in India.
22 : 23
The Turkish parliament has ratified the protocol on Finland’s accession to NATO.
14 : 09
The head of the Romanian Foreign Ministry refused to comment on the supply of weapons to Ukraine.
14 : 08
The UN Special Rapporteur called for an end to Israel’s impunity.
07 : 42
Ban Ki-moon called on the world to stop geopolitical rivalry.
07 : 38
Two military helicopters collided in the USA.
07 : 37
Alikhan Smailov was reappointed to the post of Prime Minister of Kazakhstan.
19 : 47
The Manhattan grand jury will take a break from the Trump case.
19 : 46
Former Prime Minister of Italy criticized the supply of weapons to Kyiv.
19 : 43
The UN Secretary General expressed readiness to meet with Lavrov in New York in April.