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Madrid announces health alert over monkeypox outbreak

Madrid announces health alert over monkeypox outbreak

The Spanish Ministry of Health and local authorities have introduced a sanitary alert after eight cases of monkeypox were detected in Madrid.

However, to date, the National Center for Microbiology has not yet completed the genetic analysis of samples taken from infected people.

Spain became the third European country where cases of monkeypox infection were detected, after Great Britain and Portugal.
So far, the medical services have not been able to identify the connection between the infected, which indicates the existence of several chains of transmission of the virus.

The disease is transmitted through direct physical contact and airborne droplets and is mainly distributed in Central and West Africa, where it mostly affects children and the mortality rate ranges from 4 to 22%.
The incubation period lasts from five to 21 days, and the symptoms of monkeypox are fever, back and muscle pain, chills, and fatigue.