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Operational exercises have begun in the Baltic Fleet

Operational exercises have begun in the Baltic Fleet

The press service of the Baltic Fleet reports that ten-day operational exercises for the protection of maritime communications have begun in the Baltic.

“From June 5 to June 15, an operational exercise with the Baltic Fleet groups under the leadership of the commander of the BF, Vice Admiral Vladimir Vorobyov, began in the Baltic Sea and at the combat training grounds in the Kaliningrad Region,” the release says.

At the first stage, the ship’s tactical groups left their bases and deployed groups in designated areas.

The maneuvers involve up to 40 surface warships, boats and support vessels, including patrol ships and corvettes, small missile ships and missile boats, small anti-submarine ships, base and raid minesweepers, as well as small amphibious hovercraft and high-speed boats, logistics vessels.
In addition, more than 3,500 military personnel, up to 25 aircraft and helicopters, up to 500 units of combat and special equipment are involved.
The participants of the exercises will work out the protection of sea communications and fleet bases.