Today: Tuesday, 28 May 2024 year

The incumbent Labor mayor of London, Khan, wins the election in the capital.

The incumbent Labor mayor of London, Khan, wins the election in the capital.

Labour’s candidate, Sadiq Khan, predictably retains his post as Mayor of London following the May 2 election.

«Khan wins the London mayoral race after all 14 (London) constituencies are announced,» local media reported.

It is noted that the current mayor received 43.7% of all votes, while his Conservative rival Susan Hall received 32.6%. The overall turnout was 40.5%.

This will be Khan’s third term as mayor, which he has held since 2016 when he succeeded Conservative Boris Johnson. Khan will be the first person to serve more than two terms as mayor since the office was created.

In Great Britain, local elections took place on May 2. Voters had to vote on the composition of 107 councils and the London Assembly, elect 11 mayors, including the Mayor of London, and 37 commissioners responsible for overseeing law enforcement. On the same day, elections were held for the Blackpool South constituency seat.

By the time the elections began, out of 2.6 thousand contested seats in local councils, the ruling Conservative party had 989 seats, and the Labor Party in opposition had 973. Based on the results of the vote count in 106 out of 107 councils, the Conservatives had already lost 473 seats and lost their majority in 12 local councils. In addition, the Conservatives lost to Labor a seat in the British Parliament from the Blackpool South constituency. The final result of the elections will be known on May 4.

The local elections were dubbed by the media as a test for the ruling Conservative party before the general elections to the British Parliament. Prime Minister Rishi Sunak still refuses to set a date for them, limiting himself to saying that they will be held in the second half of 2024; general elections in the UK should take place no later than January 2025.