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The Israeli Prime Minister accused the IAEA of capitulating to Iran.

The Israeli Prime Minister accused the IAEA of capitulating to Iran.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday announced the capitulation of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) to the leadership of Iran, commenting on the agency’s recent decision to close the investigation into the uranium enrichment up to 83.7% at the nuclear facility in Iran’s Fordow and to remove the issue of traces of artificial uranium. found at an undeclared facility in Merivan.

“Iran continues to lie to the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). The agency’s capitulation to Iranian pressure is a black stain on its reputation… The IAEA’s ineffectual behavior in the face of these weak excuses makes it clear to the Iranian rulers that they will not have to pay any price for their violations and that they can continue to deceive the international community by continuing their efforts to acquire nuclear weapons,” Netanyahu told the weekly government meeting.

The Israeli premier noted that if the IAEA becomes a “political organization”, then its oversight activities in Iran will not matter, as well as its reports on Iran’s nuclear activities.

Netanyahu recalled that Israel opened the world’s eyes to Iran’s nuclear activities five years ago, when a secret Iranian nuclear archive was brought to Israel.

“This information unequivocally proved that Iran is violating surveillance agreements and enriching uranium for military rather than innocent civilian purposes. Since then, Iran’s excuses regarding the discovery of nuclear materials in prohibited areas are not only unreliable, but also technically impossible,” Netanyahu stressed.

At the end of May, it became known from a confidential IAEA report that the agency no longer had questions for Iran about the discovery of uranium particles at two Iranian nuclear facilities. It was reported that the IAEA closed the investigation into the enrichment of uranium to 83.7%, the particles of which were allegedly found at an underground facility in Fordow. This issue has caused tension in the past few months, since uranium enriched up to 90% is needed to create an atomic bomb.