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Trump invited Biden to hold a debate at the White House.

Trump invited Biden to hold a debate at the White House.

Former US President Donald Trump on Thursday approached current American leader Joe Biden with a proposal to hold a debate at the White House.

“Dear Joe…we could do this in Washington, even point it exactly to the White House, or in New York when your radical left-wing fascists finish interfering in the election against your political opponent – me,” he said in a video message posted on social network Truth Social.


According to Trump, during the debate he intends to discuss with Biden the invasion of millions of migrants, the decline of the economy, inflation and energy prices.

“Anytime, anywhere, anywhere. Come on, Joe. Let’s debate!” – summed up the ex-president.

Trump has previously called on Biden to hold debates, including suggesting the New York court as a possible venue. Biden, in turn, made it clear that he is ready for a debate with Trump, but the time and place of the meeting remain undecided.

The US presidential elections will take place on November 5th. The main rivals in the election race are the current head of state, Democrat Joe Biden, as well as the former American leader, Republican Donald Trump. Both candidates have already received enough delegate votes from the preliminary votes to secure the nomination from their parties, and almost all of their rivals have announced their withdrawal from the race.