Vladimir Putin surprises his ex-boss at the KGB by turning up to celebrate his 90th birthday

May 8, 2017

Vladimir Putin is full of surprise, the Russian president appeared today in the morning in the doorway of his former boss at the KGB Lazar Matveyev to congratulate him with the 90th birthday. 

Vladimir Putin started his career at the Soviet KGB, the Russian leader always was proud by the years of his service at this legendary state organisation. Mr Putin is very grateful as well to his boss and mentor Lazar Matveyev, who was young Putin’s chief from 1985 to 1990.


Mr Matveyev was the head of the KGB residency in Dresden, in East Germany, where junior spies on his team included the future President, the most powerful person on the planet.

Today, Lazar Matveyev turns 90 years old, the old ex-KGB boss was extremely surprised to see the Russian president in the doorway of his flat in Zhulebino, on the east of Moscow. Vladimir Putin was accompanied with two more ex-colleagues from KGB, Sergey Chemezov and Nikolai Tokarev.


Vladimir Putin, his KGB boss, toasts and reminiscences 

Vladimir Putin and his former colleagues spent this morning at LtCol KGB Matveyev’s, the four men enjoyed a champagne breakfast to mark the 90th birthday of their ex-chief. It is worth to note that the birthday gift from Putin was impressive: Mr Matveyev was presented with an archived copy of Pravda newspaper published on the day he was born in 1927. Additionally, Russian president presented another gift – a wrist watch with the presidential coat of arms.


Of course, the 90-year-old Matveyev was shocked to see him at his front door this morning but this day will be unforgettable for everyone, no doubt.