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Erdogan: Turkey to remain in Libya ‘until stability is restored’

Erdogan: Turkey to remain in Libya ‘until stability is restored’

Turkish President promised on Friday that his country’s support to the Libyan Government of National Accord (GNA) will take place until stability in the North African country is restored.

Recep Erdogan has responded to Emmanuel Macron who accused the Turkish president of failing “to keep his word” to end meddling in Libya. According to Erdogan, the Turkish troops will not leave Libya until stability is restored.

The Turkish leader assured GNA in Ankara’s continuing support and lashed out President Macron who insisted Turkish ships had in recent days been seen taking ships laden with pro-Ankara Syrian mercenaries to Libya.

The French president, meanwhile, continued to criticize Libyan National Army (LNA) commander Khalifa Haftar, saying he was obtaining funds from abroad and continuing his offensive against Tripoli, where the UN-recognized Libyan government (GNA) is located.

Some countries are still supporting Gen Haftar with weapons, equipment, funds and militants, Mr Macron claimed before members of his Justice and Development Party on Thursday.

Meanwhile, Mr Erdogan promised that his country will not spare any effort in supporting the GNA. In addition, Ankara will not allow the insurgents – meaning the LNA supporters – “to do what they want in Libya”, Erdogan vowed.

“Standing by Haftar the usurper instead of the legitimate government and Libyan people is a betrayal of democracy,” the Turkish President claimed.