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Laura Plummer jailed for three years for smuggling drugs into Egypt

Laura Plummer jailed for three years for smuggling drugs into Egypt

Laura Plummer’s case is over, the British citizen was jailed for three years for smuggling Tramadol, a highly potent synthetic opioid, into Egypt. 

British diplomats have previously felt unable to intervene until after Plummer’s sentencing, the woman will spend next three years in the jail, the Egyptian court decided on Tuesday. Even Boris Johnson who previously assured Plummer’s MP, Karl Turner, couldn’t help his compatriot. Despite the three-year-long sentence for Plummer, he promises to continue to do everything he could to help Briton and her family.

“Now that the judicial process has completed I have no doubt that Foreign Office ministers will be making representations to their Egyptian ministerial counterparts to see what can be done to bring this shocking saga to an end,”

Karl Turner’ statement reads.

On Tuesday, Plummer’s MP added that Laura’s lawyer team are currently considering whether they should appeal. Under Egyptian law, they have 60 days to lodge that appeal. Despite the no ordinary situation, British MP hopes good sense will finally prevail.

The story has started on October 9 when the 33-year-old British citizen Laura Plummer was arrested after she was found with the Tramadol tablets in her suitcase. That drug is legal in the UK but banned in Egypt, and her Egyptian boyfriend Omar Caboo could inform her about that important fact. Ms Plummer was detained on arriving at the Red Sea resort of Hurghada for a holiday with her partner.