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Putin and Erdogan vow cooperation to help end Syria war

Putin and Erdogan vow cooperation to help end Syria war

Putin believes that Russia and Turkey are rebuilding the political and economic ties rather dynamically, now, both leaders agreed to cooperate to end Syria war during the recent talks in Kremlin. 

President Putin welcomed his Turkish counterpart Erdogan in Moscow, the leaders had a conversation regarding the development of the relations between two countries, after they discussed the situation in Syria torn by the civil war.

Vladimir Putin seemed to be cautiously optimistic about the prospects of a deal to end the six-year Syrian war but the cooperation with Turkey is very important, that international operation reduced significantly the scale of fighting between President al-Assad and the local opposition.

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During two rounds of the Syrian peace talks the negotiators have cleared several importnat moents, government and the rebels will continue the talks in the third set is scheduled for next week. Thanks to Putin, Russia initiated a really fruitful negotions, Astana talks gave an impulse in January:

“Due to the active action of Turkey and Russia, we managed to bring the rival forces together and, due to our joint effort, the Syrian ceasefire continues,”

Putin told reporters on Friday, hailing Ankara’s “exceptional cooperation” in keeping the truce in Syria. President Erdogan stressed the obvious success of the peace talks, which were sponsored by Russia and Turkey in the spirit of cooperation and mutual responsibility for the world fates.