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As Trump can change the world – the top 5 destinations

As Trump can change the world – the top 5 destinations

Winning Donald Trump on the US presidential election could change the US relationship with the rest of the world. Here are five ways in which this can happen.

Free trade

If Donald Trump will stick to its policy, it could mean if not the biggest change in American trade with the world in a few decades. Earlier, Trump threatened to cancel a number of free trade agreements, in particular – between the US, Canada and Mexico.
The politician believes that the North American Agreement guilty cut jobs in the US.
He also suggested that the US emerged from World Trade Organization.
In addition, Trump – a supporter of taxation of imports, in particular advocated that to impose a 45% duty on goods from China and 35% – for goods from Mexico, hoping that through this company will not move jobs south of the border.

climate change
Mr. Trump said that “cancels” the Paris climate agreement, which in December 2015 signed by over 195 countries. He also said that all stop funding the US allocates to the UN with global warming.

No single country can not cancel the Paris agreement, but if the US will come out of it, or abandon some internal measures that launched Barack Obama is INFRINGE climate deal a significant blow.
Trump also encouraged to increase production of fossil fuels, advocated simplifying regulation and supporting the project pipeline from Canada Keystone XL, which has caused concern environmentalists.

Closed borders

Despite tough talk on immigration, Mr. Trump greatly changed its position on this issue, so now difficult to know whether – or whether – it claims to hold.
The electoral campaign policy began with the promise to build a wall on the border of US and Mexico and deport 11 million illegal immigrants.

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Since then he has softened his position to “millions of criminals” living in the US, and added that the rest of undocumented migrants deal later. The politician insisted to the end that the wall has to pay Mexico, but refused to mention it during his visit to the country.
Trump also said a “total and complete ban Muslims from entering the United States,” but later clarified that this proposal, not his politics. Instead, he called for “strong verification” people from certain countries, but did not specify with whom.
Mr. Trump sharply criticized the North Atlantic Treaty Organization as outdated and described its members as ungrateful allies take advantage of American generosity. He said that America can no longer afford to defend countries in Europe – and Asia – without adequate compensation, hinting that he wants to withdraw US forces, if they do not pay.
In a sense, it just sounded old US concern that most NATO members do not adhere to the goals devote at least 2% of GDP on defense; but some wondered whether Trump retire from the military alliance, which over 60 years has been a cornerstone of US foreign policy.
Mr. Trump insisted that it could reduce friction with President Vladimir Putin and praised him as a strong leader, which would like to have a good relationship.
However, he said little about what this might mean, other than the desire to Jointly fight militants “Islamic state.”

But politics is going to find out whether the Russians behave “reasonably” and confident that gained more respect to Putin than Hillary Clinton or President Obama.