Bernie Sanders Takes On Walmart

Last Updated: November 28, 2015

Showing once again his support for the common man, Senator Bernie Sanders, I-VT, has taken on the Walmart corporation for its exploitation of its workers and this time Sanders hit the $130 billion plus Walmart family square in the face with an honest pie.

Sanders took to Twitter, the social media communications network to lambaste the Walmart family. At present, Walmart pays minimum wage, cuts employee hours, doesn’t offer benefits and is the epitome of the user/exploit model of administration found far too often in business, government, and religious bodies. It’s gotten to the point that the American taxpayers are paying an additional $6 billion in economic support for Walmart’s employees who are in need of welfare and food stamps and other subsidies just to survive.

Walmart’s owners and stockholders are the culprits here because they care not about the workers and know they have the American public wrapped around their fingers. The public is too stupid, indifferent, uncaring, and uninformed to care about their fellow Americans in such desparate need. The reason being is that Walamart provides such cheap discounts that the American people have become figuratively addicted to the chain.

What’s worse is the lack of support from official sources. Walmart stock is good and is part of every investment portfolio. That unfortunately includes all police, military, all three branches of government employees, teachers, doctors, nurses, all unions in including construction. These stockholders don’t want to see their dividends drop so they won’t stand up to the suppression the Walmart family is putting on the workers. It’s much like what happened to Disney ten years ago. Employees and even high end execs had been complaining about the company and then leader Michael Eisner. Even with mountains of evidence regarding corruption and incompetence, the American people sat on their butts until the dividends dropped and they booted Eisner out in no time and now Disney is the biggest entertainment juggernaut on the planet.

Americans and law won’t move until the money moves in the wrong way. It’s like that primitive mindset that ‘might makes right’. If Walmart’s stock started dropping and it was connected to low pay, you would see legislators and the public leaping to the fore, but since that’s not going to happen, because the Supreme Court and the Republicans have given corporations even more power, the Walmart employees have only one recourse, and that’s boycotting and protesting.

With Sanders on their side, however, their voices are being heard. Should Sanders win the presidency you can rest assured you’ll be seeing sweeping reforms regarding corporate greed and suppression.

Bernie Sanders continues to show that he’s the most brave and honest politician to come along since President Dwight Eisenhower, and he’d make a great addition to the presidential pantheon.

  • Mike Fox

    Thanks for the Bernie coverage!

  • leu2500

    As a counter to the “Americans have become addicted to walmart’s cheap discounts,” let’s remember that it’s walmart’s corporate policy to drive out competing businesses when they open a store. In “flyover country” that means that consumers are often left with no alternative but Walmart.

    • PseudoChris

      Thank you for knowing the politics of a topic when commenting on a political article. For some reason, too many people do not understand this concept.

      • Dave Girvin

        Walmart is a town killer.

    • frederickdouglass

      by displacing local competitors, they also displace local service businesses. John’s electricians needs those business contacts with the hardware store, the the general store, and the furniture place. When walmart displaces those local businesses, they also begin the starving of John and his assistants. Walmart doesn’t hire a small electrical like johns’ business for its needs, they hire other national vendors.

    • Greg Boone

      You really brought up some spot on points! Bravo! I was unaware of Walmart’s crusades against smaller business competitors. A worthy subject to research and report on, thanks!

  • martman1

    Actually dividends and the share price would not have to drop as a consequence of higher wages. A very modest price increase would cover those increased wages and the company would make the same dollar profit as before.

    With the equivalent of 1 million full time American employees (after factoring in part-time hours worked) a $3 per hour wage increase would cost the company $6 billion, offset the $6 billion paid by the taxpayer in welfare type payments to the a portion of the employees now, and could be recouped by about a 2.5% price increase on their approx. $250 billion in U.S. sales. A family spending $5,000 per year at Walmart now would $125 more per year after this price increase……$10 more per month. I doubt they would even notice.

  • macike

    Where to start with lies in this article. WM pays above minimum wage corporate wide. WM offers insurance to all part-time employees working 28 hours or more. For the record I am a union teacher and WM PT workers get better insurance.
    With these factual errors it is hard to believe anything else in the story.

    • Bryce J

      And how many employees do you know that walmart allows to mork 28 or more hours?

      • macike

        28 or more. Locally WM has 63% of the store a FT. There are few true PT people people with no other job. As for the rest most are college students, high school students, and people with second jobs at WM. They also start at $9.40/hr.

        • Kyle

          A starvation wage, especially for college students.

          • macike

            College students should be studying. What do you want for no skills?

          • Vyse14

            This is another tired argument that can be irritating. So it is unskilled labor but you are forgetting about the reality. There is inflation, costs for services of most kinds have gone up, you can’t live on that wage. But more importantly, unskilled labor is what helps move that $260 billion of sales(the number was from an earlier comment), low income workers are a part of the economy and making sure they have less disposable income means they participate in the economy less!

          • macike

            You cannot look at sales numbers and say they have piles of money. You need to look at the actual profit which WM is not a high profit company, unlike apple.

        • Cody Duke

          you already were called a liar. you’re obviously a shill.

        • Vyse14

          Everyone of your Walmart comments are anecdotes, so they may very well be true, however I think the majority of people are speaking towards averages. Additionally, many have anecdotal evidence in support of the average experience. I really don’t see much point in trying to reframe Walmart from a non-average or above average perspective.

          • macike

            I think WM is a great employer and a great advantage for those with low to no skills. You can start at bottom and work to the top.

    • Jørgen Oktober Storm Nestande

      So Sanders is misinformed?

      • macike


        • Jørgen Oktober Storm Nestande

          So you’re better informed than Sanders?

          • Groovin8r

            Sanders talks out of his ass.

    • lesterthegiantape

      Teach the controversy. Keep doubt alive.

    • Cin

      I KNOW that’s straight up BULLSHIT right there. I worked at Walmart for almost a year, was hired on for 32 hours (Part-time). I usually worked 40 hour weeks and was NEVER allowed/offered insurance. EVER. I asked about it and asked about getting on full-time and was told, not until a “full-time slot” opened up. So basically, I had to wait for someone else who was full time to quit. And they BARELY pay above minimum wage. Just enough that they can say they pay “more than minimum wage”. I made 60 cents above minimum wage only because I worked graveyard shift. You know how much raises are per year? About 40 cents. Yes, you read that right. 40 cents A YEAR FOR RAISES. They also work you like slave-drivers, especially on the night crew because you have to stock everything that day shift didn’t get to and you have to do an 15-20 hour job in less than 8 hours. You have to take your breaks and lunches at exactly the right time or you get “coached” (wrote-up). If you get hurt on the job, you get coached. If you work over your shift by even a minute, (even if you get asked to by your supervisor!!), YOU are responsible for cutting your own time. YOU ARE NEVER ALLOWED OVERTIME. If you don’t cut your time, you get coached. That company is a shit hole company and you need to get your facts straight buddy before you spout a bunch of bullshit to the public.

      • macike

        Well where do we start. Under today’s rules you should have been made full time if you work over X for 12 weeks straight (x=34 or 36??). Locally, again your milage may vary, they start at $9.40 and upto $13./hr depending on shift and position. They advertise like crazy.

        Let’s compare realities: My wife who is a WM worker at her yearly review received a 5.4% and 5% raise. As a union teacher I was given a whopping 1.5% and 3% raise. We switched kids over to her insurance . . . why it was HALF the cost of my union insurance. The insurances are about the same. Difference is I can go to any pharmacy she has to to go to WM.

        So you complain tht you work hard. ok. so you work hard. Cutting time is pretty normal. I think it is scummy. Of course I work 60+ a week with no overtime or compensation.

        How about overtime. She goes over on a regular basis. She is not a manager or supervisor. Never had a problem.

        Breaks and lunch. Well if they were no sued WM would not have to have such strict rules about lunch and breaks.

        • Cin

          Ah but you said that Walmart offers all part time workers (over 28 hours) insurance. They don’t. Compared to any other place I’ve worked, their raises suck. Compared to any other place I’ve worked, I’ve had to work harder and take more shit from management than ever. With a smile on my face.

          My bad on the overtime as I forgot that they, “sometimes” allow it during holidays, because traditionally there is a large turnover rate and they are usually shorthanded. Once the season ends, (Black Friday sales and Christmas) the overtime ends. Most walmarts will not let you work overtime. Period. Walmart wouldn’t have been sued so much if they didn’t try to screw their employees over so much.

          Hence the reason, I went somewhere else. Where I work full-time and don’t pay anything for my insurance. Where I work half as hard for $4 more an hour. Where I get paid vacation AND holiday pay (most walmart employees get neither).

          As you are a teacher, I believe you should be paid more with better insurance. However, REALITY is that teaching is quite often a thankless and underpaid job. Maybe you should do what I did, and go elsewhere. Your union sounds pretty sucky( just like Walmart).

          • macike

            I made a mistake it is not 30 hours for insurance it was raised because of Obamacare. My wife had OT in August. And locally, again your milage will vary, overtime happens on a regular basis. Most WM avoid OT like the plague. When you are the largest employer in the US by far you will be sued. Do you think every manager is perfect? Every supervisor does not make mistakes. To think WM would not be sued is a joke.

            This is my final year teaching. Yes, I have a job lined up and if not I can get one literally anywhere. Yes, I have skills. Skills that take time and effort to build up and are appreciated by people. Hence, over the summer I made more working 32 hours a week. This is my final year teaching. The worst part is teaching does not have to be a thankless and forsaken job. The pay is really not the issue. It is the working environment.

          • Cin

            I worked at Walmart before Obamacare ever took effect. Even if you work 40 hours, though you are hired for 32, you are not considered full-time until as I said before, a full-time slot opens up. They have a small amount of slots.
            And why do you keep talking about mileage? That makes absolutely no difference in anything we are discussing. Has nothing to do with overtime or Walmart getting sued or insurance. Yes overtime happens, at all the stores here locally though… again, the employee is responsible for cutting their time so they do get overtime. Even if the supervisor asks you to stay late which happens almost every single night on graveyard shifts. Why? Because we were responsible for zoning the whole store every night and it had to be done before a lot of us were allowed to clock out.
            I have skills too. And a college degree. Which is why I said “f*ck Walmart, this job sucks, I’m out” and I found a better job within a couple of days of applying elsewhere.
            And if you think the teaching environment is bad, you should give Walmart a try. I guarantee that within six months, you will hate it there. The culture is pervasively greedy and slave driving. They will work you to the bone and require more. They screw people out of overtime, holiday pay, and hours whenever they can. They give shitty raises and rarely give praise. They beat you down. Literally the worst job I’ve ever had, even worse than the three days I did at Taco Time at age 18. The atmosphere is down trodden, hopeless, and dreary. Cheap prices come at the price of employee wages, cut throat business tactics, killing small businesses, and employee hopes and dreams. I really think you need to rethink you’re “Rah Rah Rah, go Walmart!” because they are a terrible terrible company.

    • moonkat51

      They have the crappiest insurance there is in California. They pay more for less coverage. My daughter and many of her fellow employees have had to drop insurance just to make their rent.

      • macike

        However, they are allowed to have the “crappiest” insurance in CA by the Obama administration. Blame the democrats and Sanders for the crappy insurance they mandated what it is.

    • Blerg

      Of course they pay “above minimum wage” – that’s the law. The problem is that minimum wage needs to be raised. They do NOT offer PT employees paid insurance. You are completely wrong. After reading your other comments, I’m guessing you’re a member of the Walton family.

      • macike

        Minimum wage is the law. Above minimum is not the law. PT are getting partly paid insurance now and increasing in Jan.

        I am not a member of the Walton family. If I were a member of the Walton family I would not be living where I do. My wife is a clerk at WM if that makes a difference.

  • mdelcamp

    Finally, a great point of distinction in the Democrat Party race between Bernie Sanders and the Clintons. Hilary Clinton sat comfortably on the Board of Directors of Arkansas based Walmart for many years. Bill Clinton’s entire presidency was designed and purposefully served the mission to make the world safe for Walmart. Walmart has done nothing for American Workers. I know. I worked for Walmart. Twice. Walmart is the largest employer in America, and they are put to shame by COSTCO on any Employer to Employer comparison of how they treat their American Workers.

    • moonkat51

      And stores like Winco.

  • onsightit

    End Corporate Welfare #bernwalmartdown

  • Lori Huelke

    Disney is not a very good example. They fired over 200 employees, imported cheap labor through a loophole in the law and had the soon to be fired Disney employees train the new workers.

  • btodder

    Hillary Clinton used to be on the board of Walmart

  • Sumner Kagan

    I say government should take over ALL businesses, pay everyone $30/hr from the janitor to the brain surgeon and then everyone will be happy!!!

    /sarcasm off.

    • Dan

      They’ll also pay $30/hr to the guy who makes the ramp and the one who lubes up the ramp for the slippery slope that idiots slide down. Wouldn’t want them scraping their ass on an unlubed slope.

  • Greg Boone

    I’m really surprised at the response this article is getting worldwide. I appreciate all the comments too as they put the spotlight on what the real people think of this issue. In the article I mention the “user/exploit” model. It’s real and has spread like wildfire the past 15 years. It’s akin to the old ‘company store’ racket where in the old days, employers would pay people crap and then offer to have them shop at a company store where they would spend all their capital and go into debt where they ended up always owing. Our economy and administrative infrastructure is rigged against the wellbeing of the citizen it’s supposed to be serving. In other words backassward. You have to put your foot down folks. Now.

  • Greg Boone

    See, I wrote about this similar problem last week. Disney replaced IT workers and humiliated them by making them train their low paid replacements and the public didn’t give a damn and sat on their asses. Bernie Sanders addressed this as well and I’ll be writing about it.

  • njn

    It gets frustrating for me. I know how bad Walmart is and I refuse to go into the place. I’ve just had enough of poor quality items that I’ve given up on a lot of things they sell.
    And I certainly don’t fault the employees. They are as good as they possibly can be, usually cheerful and helpful even if overworked. I have heard that they tend to be rough on people with disabilities which is wrong in so many ways, but the management should try to alleviate that.
    Problem is that Walmart DOES have everything at low prices. I am very limited on selection in the village I live in. They have a lot of necessities but they are expensive and selection is limited to smaller sizes and less choice in brand.
    So I end up shopping with Amazon, which has not been perfectly behaved either, but I can find most things I’m looking for. (And some things that I’m not – did you know you can buy rickshaws from them?) They have reasonable prices, good service and delivery. Feedback is very good.
    I don’t have much money, mostly because I ‘make too much money’ to get much extra help but not enough to be comfortable with carrying out future plans and dreams. And there is no way to change the situation in any hurry with the political climate we have now. (Can you say: I can’t stand Scott Walker et al?)