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China unveils new visa program to attract ‘high-end’ foreigners in 2018

China unveils new visa program to attract ‘high-end’ foreigners in 2018

China’s State Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs (SAFEA) announced the new visa programme under which the high-qualified and talented foreign applicants can obtain a visa in as fast as five working days.

China welcomes gifted and qualified foreigners, giving them an opportunity to work and live in the country. According to the official announcement published in  The South China Morning Post, the scientists, Nobel prize laureates,  leading figures in technology-intensive sectors could be adjusted based on the country’s changing demand for talent.

Other perks include a visa fee waiver, 180-day stays for a single entry and a same-day visa permit approval for spouses and children. The point is after visa’s issuance, its expiration date can be extended by up to 10 years.

Chinese authorities don’t hide the fact that the country was at a critical stage of economic restructuring, so it is the right time to adopt a more open policy for foreign experts. The new visa programme aimed at the filling the gap with the high-skilled professionals in China. If you are the really talented entrepreneur or scientist, you might have a future as an expatriate in China – this Asian state does its best to attract ‘high-end’ foreigners.

Applications for the visa can be completed online and are free of charge, the ministries say.

“Information uploaded by applicants will be shared by all the three departments, which will save the applicants’ time since they won’t need to hand in the information repeatedly,”

Gao Xiang, director of the policies and regulations department of the SAFEA, said.