Today: Sunday, 26 May 2024 year

Congress called the financing of Ukraine a disgrace for the United States.

Congress called the financing of Ukraine a disgrace for the United States.

Continued US funding of Ukraine will lead to the further destruction of an entire generation of Ukrainians and is a disgrace to the US government,  Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene said.

“What you’re hearing in Washington is that we should be spending America’s hard-earned tax dollars on Ukraine to continue killing Ukrainians, killing an entire generation of Ukrainian men, leaving behind widows and orphans,” she said during congressional testimony Saturday on the Ukraine aid initiative.

According to Green, 70% of Americans do not support providing Kyiv with a new financial support package of about $61 billion and noted that Ukrainians themselves no longer have enough people to work in enterprises.

“Do you really support Ukraine? What kind of support is this? Shame on the American government,” the congresswoman added.

American authorities say that back in December they exhausted funds to support Kyiv and, until Congress provides new ones, they will not be able to provide supplies of weapons and ammunition.

US President Joe Biden asked Congress for emergency appropriations back in October, but was met with obstruction by Republican opposition. She, not wanting to play along with the Democratic president during the pre-election period and following strong isolationist traditions among her, for a long time tried to link aid to Ukraine with the implementation of large-scale border and migration reform, invented other accompanying conditions and tried to separate it from the uncontroversial funding of Israel.

In February, Senate Republicans and Democrats drafted and passed a bill based on Biden’s request, but House Speaker Mike Johnson, a Republican known for his closeness to former President Donald Trump, refused to bring it to a vote and promised to formulate his own proposals. Critics say there are cosmetic differences between the upper and lower house versions of Congress.

Johnson himself admits that his bills are “imperfect”, but claims that he no longer had the opportunity to slow down discussion of the issue. He explained that there was a sufficient majority among congressmen to overcome the “veto” in the near future and, with the help of a “petition to release,” put the “Senate” bill to a vote. The House’s mood is illustrated by Friday’s procedural vote, in which Democrats and a significant number of Republicans approved how to discuss and approve the legislative package. Initially, congressmen planned to devote this week to regulating the household appliance market, and the next to work in the regions, but plans changed after Iran’s air attack on Israel.