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Ethiopia to China: No country can defeat COVID-19 alone

Ethiopia to China: No country can defeat COVID-19 alone

Ethiopian Ambassador to China gave an interview to the, in which he reiterated that no country is able to fight COVID-19 alone. The united front and cooperation between the countries are must-have for curbing of the novel virus.

Ambassador Teshome Toga Chanaka called for international solidarity during a recent e-mail interview with the Chinese news agency. As the diplomat said, no single country can win this battle on its own because the spread of the virus as we can see is borderless.

Toga explained that the current challenge is global, consequently, it is not confined to any given territory. “That is why global cooperation and global strategy are absolutely necessary,” the Ethiopian official said.

The World Health Organization (WHO) remains a global institution to coordinate and work with COVID-19 epidemic. “It is time for a more concerted and coordinated global effort, not less. Isolated and national efforts alone cannot do the job well,” Toga added.

Bilateral support and cooperation are key aspects of the successful fighting against the novel virus. Ethiopia provided China with various forms of precious support when it was facing its toughest period combating the COVID-19. In fact, that was a bright example of how the two countries realize a comprehensive strategic cooperative partnership.

“The Ethiopian government stood shoulder-to-shoulder with the government and people of China at this challenging time,” the Ethiopian ambassador to China said.

China’s experience is very important for other countries in their fight against COVID-19

Later, China shared its anti-virus experiences with 24 African countries, including Ethiopia, and the African Union Center for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) via a special video conference on March 18.

Data from the Ethiopian Ministry of Health shows that as of March 30, the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country had risen to 23.

Faced by mounting challenges, Ethiopia is:

  • setting up a national task force;
  • building up its diagnostic, testing and treatment capacity;
  • enhancing public awareness; screening travellers at airports;
  • preparing medical and isolation centers;
  • training healthcare personnel;
  • suspending social events; and
  • closing its land borders.

Toga stressed that experience from China is extremely valuable for other countries. The critical measure for countries like Ethiopia and many in Africa is to focus on prevention of the novel virus.

Under uneasy situation with coronavirus, pan-African solidarity is of paramount importance as the continent sees increasing numbers of cases. As of Monday night, the death toll from the ongoing outbreak on the continent has reached 146, whilst confirmed cases surpassed 4,760 in 46 countries as of March 30, according to data from Africa CDC.

A recent press release by the African Union (AU) stated, “The relief initiative [is] part of actions towards implementation of the Africa joint continental strategy for COVID-19 led by the AU through Africa CDC.”