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French police chief stabbed to death ‘over dog ban’

French police chief stabbed to death ‘over dog ban’

Pascale Filoe, a French police chief, was stabbed to death outside Rodez city hall on Thursday and died in hospital several hours later, SkyNews reported.

The police chief became a victim of the 39-year old dog’s owner who was angry over confiscating his bullterrier by the officials. Thursday morning tragedy exploded the public opinion of a small city in southern France. If the police chief has been stabbed to death, what people supposed to expect else? According to the witnesses, Mr Filoe was attacked by a man who had threatened officials after being banned from owning a dangerous dog.

“The attacker was known to police. He had defaced the city hall door on 11 April,”

said the mayor of Rodez, Christian Teyssedre.

The police officials said that a criminal was chased from the scene of the attack outside the city hall by a worker and took refuge in a shop, later, he was arrested. Interior minister Gerard Collomb tweeted:

“I share the pain of the inhabitants of Rodez after this appalling attack. My first thoughts go to the family and dearest.”

The minister expressed his support to Pascale Filoe’s shocked colleagues and national police officers who immediately arrested the individual. For police across France, is very important to protect. The attack is just the latest act of violence toward a police officer in France.

Some fatal attacks on police officers have recently been related to radical Islamic terrorism as was the case with the murder of an officer last year on Paris’ famous Champs Elysees, the fatal stabbing of police Commissioner Jean-Baptiste Salvaing and his wife in 2016 and the murder of Col. Arnaud Beltrame earlier this year.