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Hungary: Orban celebrates victory over EU on migrant crisis

Hungary: Orban celebrates victory over EU on migrant crisis

Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic declared victory ver EU on migrant crisis after marathon talks at the European Council summit, Express reports. Victor Orban, a Hungarian prime minister, said his country will not become an immigrant one.

So-called Visegrad Group (V4) celebrates victory: leaders of Hungary, Poland, Slovakia and the Czech Republic has consistently refused to take part in the EU migrant quota system, arguing such a scheme would threaten their national sovereignty and security.

Victor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister, said he had managed to “fend off” Brussels and declared his nation “will not become an immigrant country”. The migrant crisis dominated the agenda at the two-day event in the Belgian capital, with EU leaders desperate to reach a consensus on how to handle the issue.

EU migrant crisis is going to be resolved with the help of far-right governments

Germany had been pushing plans for a quota system, which would see asylum seekers and refugees distributed across the bloc to ease the burden on frontier states like Greece and Italy. On Sunday, Mr Orban declared victory for the V4 on his Facebook, the right-wing leader, who was this year re-elected for a third term, said he was “tired but also satisfied” in the message which was entitled “after the battle”.

“The threat was upon us that they would start the resettlement of migrants into European states from the refugee camps that will be set up. We managed to fend off this proposal and have our proposal approved, which clearly states that nobody can be resettled to another country without its consent,”

Orban said and added that Hungary will not become an immigrant country but will remain a Hungarian country.

After initially allowing migrants to pass through, the Hungarian far-right leader later ordered the construction of 10ft-high border fences topped with razor wire to block more from entering.