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Italy heading for its third month without a government

Italy heading for its third month without a government

Italy faces the deep political crisis, the country has no government since March when the elections’ results were announced. After a promising start, relations between Salvini and Di Maio soured over the latter’s insistence that Salvini abandons his coalition partner Silvio Berlusconi, reported.

Italy is facing a third month of political paralysis after talks between the centre-left and the Five Star Movement over a coalition government failed to get off the ground on Wednesday.

Now, the talks between arch rivals M5S and the Democratic party were scotched after another former prime minister, Matteo Renzi, who still holds considerable power over the party, said he would not back a government led by M5S. The Democratic party, currently headed by caretaker leader Maurizio Martina, met on Thursday to decide whether or not to pursue formal negotiations with M5S. But Renzi’s stance is likely to hold sway.

Many Italians are unimpressed with the latest period of political paralysis gripping their country.

“We are fed up and I don’t want to have another vote,”

said Ms Mari, who voted for M5S in the March elections and was full of hopes for the new future.

Italy’s president announced a fresh round of consultations to form the government

President Sergio Mattarella’s office announced in a statement that a fresh round of consultations will be held at the presidential palace on Monday “to see if the parties have other ideas for a government majority”.

On Wednesday, the Democratic Party’s national leadership voted unanimously not to engage in government talks with the Five Star Movement.

“With Five Star, the chapter is closed,”

declared acting Democratic Party (PD) leader Maurizio Martina during the conference.

On Sunday, just three days after Martina had said he was willing to talk to M5S head Luigi Di Maio, former prime minister Matteo Renzi closed the door on any coalition deal with the M5S. Surprisingly, but many experts remind how smooth was forming every his government the former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi. Despite the harsh criticism, he was able to negotiate quickly and efficiently.