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Melania Trump ‘hates’ to see children separated from their families at U.S. border

Melania Trump ‘hates’ to see children separated from their families at U.S. border

Melania Trump broke her silence and let people know what she is thinking about children separated from their families at U.S. border. The first lady and mother-of-one said she ‘hates’ to see poor kids in such terrible situation, BBC reported on Monday.

Donald Trump’s wife who last week returned to the public eye for the first time in almost a month – has admitted she has found it difficult to watch the events unfold. While the politicians and religious groups are criticising the “inhumane” policy, the first lady just said she ‘hates’ to see children at the U.S. border at those terrible cages.

Mrs Trump’s comments come amid growing alarm over the impact of the policy. On Monday, UN human rights chief Zeid Ra’ad al-Hussein called on the US to end what he called its “unconscionable” strategy of forced separations.

Melania’s spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham, said the first lady finds the situation when children separated from their families an awful one and believes the US should be a country that “governs with heart”. At the same time, she added that “all laws” needed to be followed and called upon “both sides of the aisle” to “come together to achieve successful immigration reform”.

Children at the US border are suffering without their families

Trump critics have pointed out that detaining children separately from their parents is the consequence of a policy announced by Attorney General Jeff Sessions last month to deter new arrivals. Toddlers and babies are reportedly among those to have been separated from their parents, but the Department of Homeland Security has said the youngsters are well cared for and have disputed reports of mistreatment.

There were even the suggestions that president Trump is using the children as leverage to force his opponents to enter negotiations on immigration and his long-promised border wall. On Monday, presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway has rejected such suggestions.