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Pakistan approved chemical castration for rape

Pakistan approved chemical castration for rape

Pakistan’s President approved the new anti-rape law, according to which the convicted offenders will undergo the chemical castration.

The Pakistani legal system is overload with the trials on rapes. To speedy up them, President signed last week the Anti-Rape Ordinance 2020 on chemical castration of the convicted offenders.

Under the law, all cases related to rape will be wrapped up by the special courts within four months. Anti-rape crisis cells will be established across the country to conduct a medico-legal examination of rape victims within six hours of the incident.

Additionally, the nationwide registry of repeated sexual offenders will also be established. Ordinance says that the repeated offenders will be chemically castrated — a procedure which requires using a drug to lower testosterone levels and as a result sex drive.

The rights activists welcomed the new law urging Imran Khan’s Cabinet to implement it in its true spirit.