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Peru names Ivermectin as key drug to fight coronavirus

Peru names Ivermectin as key drug to fight coronavirus

Peruvian doctors went about using Ivermectin and reporting on positive results to colleagues. Now, the cheap anti-parasitic drug is a new hope for the country’s health system to treat COVID-19 patients, Newsmax reports.

Doctors in Peru voice their strong support to Ivermectin drug, which is able to kill the novel pathogen. Across the South American nation, the medical brigades are employing the use of an anti-parasitic drug in the fight against the COVID-19.

In early May, Peru has firsthand evidence of its success but without conducting any trials or having direct. As word spread in the medical community that ivermectin was showing promise in successfully treating people afflicted with COVID-19, the Peruvian government approved its use for the coronavirus.

Now, Peru attempts to secure almost 500,000 treatments of Ivermectin that’s normally used to kill head lice and other parasites. The unique side effect, a killing of COVID-19 infection, brings new hope to the patients with the novel pathogen.

While the local physicians took note upon learning about the Australian ivermectin and COVID-19 preclinical research findings, Peru’s cabinet wanted no part of Ivermectin. But Peruvians begged to differ.

Ivermectin could treat COVID-19 patients, said Peruvian medics

As of Monday morning, Peru has seen around 230,000 cases of the virus and roughly 6,700 deaths.

With an independent spirit arising out of an ancient Incan culture that goes back to the earliest stretches of human habitation in the New World, a local, grassroots, real-time observational case study commenced in pockets across the nation.

Doctors went about using Ivermectin and reporting on positive results to colleagues. Conservative forces there resisted noting, after all, this drug was for animals.

In late May, Ivermectin was showing real promise in fighting the virus in several trials worldwide. Later, doctors in Peru confirmed that using ivermectin has caused a drop in COVID-19 cases.

“This drug is salvaging people from their deathbed,” emergency medical physician Dr Peter H. Hibberd of Palm Beach County, Florida.