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Prince Charles to open NHS Nightingale London by video-link later today

Prince Charles to open NHS Nightingale London by video-link later today

Queen’s eldest son is going to open new hospital in London tonight. Just days after Prince Charles recovered from coronavirus, he comes back to the royal duties. On Friday, the heir is set to open the NHS Nightingale by video link.

Prince of Wales has completed self-isolation following his COVID-19 diagnosis, will launch the new hospital at the ExCel convention centre in east London.

A 4,000-bed temporary facility is the first to open and will initially provide up to 500 specialized beds equipped with ventilators and oxygen. The capacity will then increase, potentially up to several thousand beds should it be required.

From his Scottish home of Birkhall, the prince is expected to say a few words in tribute to all brave medical staff and to people across the UK who continue to deliver frontline care to those affected by the pathogen crisis.

While Prince Charles is taking part in the ceremony online, attending in person will be Health Secretary Matt Hancock, Professor Charles Knight, chief executive of NHS Nightingale, and representatives from the Ministry of Defence, contractors and volunteers.

New London hospital will treat coronavirus patients

The new NHS hospital was constructed within nine days, it is the result of the conversion of the ExCeL conference centre into a field hospital has been cited as perhaps the most ambitious medical project UK has seen since the end of the WWII and will dwarf all other hospitals in the country.

The invaluable experience of soldiers from Afghanistan and the West African Ebola crisis working in support of health service staff was taking into account while constructing the emergency hospital. Up to 200 soldiers a day have been working alongside NHS staff and civilian contractors.

On Friday night, Prince Charles is expected to pay tribute to those who have worked tirelessly amid the COVID-19 crisis.