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Spain: Police find 67 kg of pineapples filled with cocaine

Spain: Police find 67 kg of pineapples filled with cocaine

Police in Madrid was shocked when they found one of the biggest cocaine packages, Independent reported on Tuesday. At a food market MercaMadrid, pineapples were filled with cocaine, the total weight of seizure is 67 kilograms.

Spanish policemen made an alarming discovery on Tuesday when they found 67 kg of cocaine stashed inside pineapples at a food market. The bust was made by authorities at the MercaMadrid market, the second largest fish market in the world. The cylinders of cocaine concealed inside the pineapples are one of the most common ways to hide the Class A drugs.

Police were filmed throwing pineapples on the ground and smashing them open to reveal cylinders of cocaine concealed inside. Officers described the pineapples as: “Perfectly hollowed out and stuffed with compact cylinders,” with each fruit containing 800-1,000g of cocaine. Madrid policemen had to examine them all individually, smashing open each suspect pineapple to reveal the stash.

After the checking, Madrid police confirmed that dozens of fruits in the shipment contained the cylinders of cocaine. The pineapples had reportedly been transported from Costa Rica to the Portuguese port of Setúbal before finally being brought to MercaMadrid.

The cylinders of cocaine had been previously placed in paraffin baths in order to mask the scent and therefore reduce the likelihood of the drugs being discovered.

According to investigators, the company that had imported the pineapples from Costa Rica had been using its imports as a cover-up in order to transport drugs into the European Union, and Spain was the first EU country.