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Switzerland: Trains trial electronic version of SwissPass

Switzerland: Trains trial electronic version of SwissPass

Switzerland is ready to offer the passengers a new option that allows people to download their SwissPass travelcard onto their mobile phones, that will be easy and fast, The Local reports.

As Federal Railways (SBB) announced, the electronic version of the SwissPass will make the life of passengers even easier thanks to the technologies. The change means travellers no longer have to carry their physical SwissPass card with them. Details of their half-price or GA travelcard will instead be stored on their smartphones.

To take advantage of the new electronic SwissPass straight away, you need to download the SBB Mobile Preview app, which is used to test to new features before they are included in the main SBB app. Just download the app and input the details of your travelcard. Ticket inspectors scan the QR code on your phone to check you have a valid half-price or GA travelcard.

The electronic SwissPass function will be included on the standard SBB app at a later date which is yet to be decided. The introduction of an electronic SwissPass is one of the suggestions for improving the SBB.

Swiss trains are the most punctual

Swiss public transport always was punctual in comparison with other countries of Europe, and the most punctual train in Switzerland is the rack railway from Rheineck in the canton of St Gallen and Walzenhausen in the canton of Appenzell Ausserrhoden. The wonder train covers the distance of 1.9-km in six minutes.

But there is one negative moment as well, only one Swiss train out of 10,000 trips on the route was late – by a full nine minutes!