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Taliban car bomb kills more than 100 at Afghan military base

Taliban car bomb kills more than 100 at Afghan military base

The National Directorate of Security (NDS) confirmed that Taliban terroristic attack killed almost two hundreds people after a car bomb explosion at the local military base. Monday’s incident is the most recent in a series of atrocities in several months by the jihadists, which has seized control of about half of Afghanistan.

The witnesses say that the explosion was extremely powerful, so, the whole casern has collapsed. According to Sharif Hotak, a member of the provincial council in Maidan Wardak province, the building of a military base is almost destroyed.

Taliban attack started on Monday morning when a US-made armoured Humvee vehicle was driven into the compound and blown up. Jihadists also opened fire, before being killed by the Afghan security forces.

regarding the number of victims, the authorities have given different estimates. One source insists that a death toll could be as high as 126 people while an official from the Afghan public health ministry said the total of killed and wounded could be about 140 people. At the same time, The Taliban said the number of dead was much higher – a spokesperson claiming that 190 people had been killed at Afghan military base on Monday.