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The US commented on Israel’s attack on Iran.

The US commented on Israel’s attack on Iran.

Israel’s attack on Iran was a warning message to Tehran that Israeli forces could easily bypass Iranian air defenses, retired US Army Major General Mark McCarley told.

“The Israelis needed revenge, but at the same time this retribution was a message: “Yes, we can overcome (air defenses). Don’t do that again. If you do, then disaster will await you,”  McCarley said.

The retired American general also noted that Israel should be on guard because Iran could retaliate again.

According to American media, on Friday night Israel carried out a “limited” retaliatory strike on targets in Iran. Explosions were reported near the city of Isfahan. The Iranian state agency IRIB reported that in a number of provinces of the country, air defense systems responded to the approach of drones. Tasnim stated that nuclear facilities in Isfahan province are completely safe. At the same time, three Iranian officials confirmed to the New York Times that the target of the strikes was an airbase near Isfahan.