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Türkiye may deploy S-400 on the border with Iraq.

Türkiye may deploy S-400 on the border with Iraq.

The Turkish armed forces may deploy S-400 systems purchased from the Russian Federation along the border with Iraq as part of plans to conduct a military operation against militants of the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) banned in the country, the Türkiye newspaper reported, citing sources.

Earlier, the Hürriyet newspaper reported that the Turkish Armed Forces expect to conduct a large-scale ground military operation in northern Iraq against PKK militants, and an agreement has been reached with the administration of Baghdad.

“The process of deploying Turkish armed forces and logistics units has partially begun. It is reported that S-400s purchased from Russia may also be deployed along the border line as part of deliveries that are expected to accelerate after the holiday holidays,” the publication reported.

Syrian opposition groups told Turkish officials that they are ready to provide all possible support for the operation in Iraq.

The armed conflict with the Kurdistan Workers’ Party began in Turkey in 1984 and resumed in 2015. In northern Iraq there are PKK bases, against which the Turkish Armed Forces are conducting air and ground operations. The presence of Turkish troops in the Zlikan camp, northeast of Mosulast, has become a point of contention between Baghdad and Ankara, which justifies its deployment on the basis of the need to fight the PKK.