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Warsaw to host key Belt and Road conference

Warsaw to host key Belt and Road conference

Warsaw is ready to host the Belt and Road initiative’s event dedicated to the business cooperation of the European countries and China, their key Asian partner. The conference’s organizator is Poland Today.

The Poland and CEE: co-building the Belt and Road conference will be the first C-level event to bring the right unbiased point of view on what Asia and Europe could do for each other in the 21st century. In fact, the Chinese initiative could mean a lot for Polish and CEE businesses that is ready for the continental cooperation.

When the Belt and Road initiative (BARI) was launched in 2014, the xperts couldn’t anticipate such a scaled effect and massive support. Just over five years since the BARI was launched by China’s president, Poland Today invited the business partners from the european countries to take part in the C-level event. The conference in Warsaw in June to look at what the initiative means for Poland and the wider emerging Europe region.

According to statistics, about 90 per cent of current cargo flows travelling by rail between China and Europe and vice versa go through Poland. No need to say such an intensification made other EU and CEE countries see Poland as a competitor to their own ambitious plans and go directly to China to show themselves as the future hub for the Chinese. In 21st century, all roads lead to China.

Belt and Road tightens business ties between Asia and Europe

TheWarsaw conference will gather the leading experts in logistics, supply chain, infrastructure and financing from around the world. that one of the most anticipated business event will also offer high-level insight useful for future business development.

It’s important for these countries in the CEE region to get together to coordinate their policies and approaches towards the Chinese. Whilst I understand the underlying motivation for each country’s representatives, I feel that it’s not good for these countries to develop separate plans. A more coordinated approach would reap more benefits,” Frank Schuhholz, the logistic experts, said.

While EU tends to show its support to the BARI, Donald Trump calls that iniative ‘political’ tool of Chinese government. The US President scheduled to meet his Chinese and Russian counterparts at the G20 gathering in Japan next month. According to Trump, he expects his discussion with Mr Xi to be “very fruitful”, as the trade war between China and the United States intensified on Monday.