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Brad Pitt has the ‘worst holiday season’ in his life

Brad Pitt has the ‘worst holiday season’ in his life

Brad Pitt spent his worst holiday season following his divorce and its judicial consequences. The split of Brangelina became the most famous divorce in the world of show business in 2016.

A miserable Christmas period makes Brad Pitt depressive this year, no kids and no family sounds to an actor just terrible. This year, Brad was allowed to spend only four hours with his children on Christmas Day! The custody battle is going on, and Brad confessed to his pals:

“This has been the worst holiday season of my life.”

The 52-year-old Brad Pitt and his lawyers have strong intentions to ‘get his kids back, no matter what it takes, [or] what humiliating hoops the legal system makes him jump next.’

This year, Angelina Jolie reportedly agreed for Pitt to deliver gifts for six kids in the morning but warned ex-husband he has to leave her home by early afternoon. After such a ‘holiday’ visit to kids Brad ‘broke down in tears’ after giving his children their Christmas presents.

Five kids were extremely glad to see the father but Maddox, who did not wish to see Pitt.

Maddox reportedly did not wish to see his adopted father