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Danish princess eats meal made from surplus in dinner against food waste

Danish princess eats meal made from surplus in dinner against food waste

Denmark’s Princess Marie attend Copenhagen dinner to raise awareness of the issue of food waste, the royal even ate meal made from surplus, The Local Denmark reported on Tuesday.

In Denmark, a progressive country with a powerful ecological line, royals also support the fight again food waste. During the recent International Stop Wasting Food Dinner, a menu was served made of surplus food prepared by two famous chefs. The annual event dedicated to the noble ecological aim was organised by the Dutch embassy in Copenhagen and Danish NGO Stop Wasting Food (SWF). Princess Marie attended the dinner, but it is unclear whether the royal used given the opportunity to take the leftovers home in biodegradable boxes, in order nothing was wasted.

According to Henk Swarttouw, the Netherlands’ ambassador to Denmark, the fight against food waste is one of the top priorities in his country. “As the world’s second-largest food exporting nation, we are assuming our responsibility to lead this fight,” he said.

Selina Juul, the NGO SWF founder, also noticed that “We are very honoured and thankful that H.R.H. Princess Marie participated in our dinner against food waste – and I would also like to thank all of the guests”. Juul’s NGO operates for a decade to reduce food waste in Denmark, is also involved with a government think tank to develop the governmental strategy on the issue.

One of the key actors, the Danish Environmental Protection Agency, confirmed with the recent figures that Danes living in apartments have reduced food waste by 24 percent per person and Danish households have reduced food waste by an average of eight percent per person over the past six years.

Next year’s Stop Wasting Food Dinner in Copenhagen is scheduled to be hosted by the Embassy of Sweden.