Today: Wednesday, 17 April 2024 year

Islamic State vs. Syrian Government: Power Struggle to Gain Hegemony

On Saturday, Islamic State has launched an aggressive attack using two suicide car explosion, and the encounter between government forces and Islmaic State have taken place nearby Sadad.

Over the last few months, the Islamic State (IS) group has been reported to have been expanding its control towards the central area of Homs Province, and captured the town of Maheen. IS was had conquered the town of Tadmur in May, the home to the ancient ruins, located in Palmyra. And in August, IS captured al-Qaryatain town.

Gaining control of Maheen and Sadad is a very strategic route which is only 13 miles to the main road connecting Damascus, Syria’s capital to Homs and other cities. Controlling Maheen and Sadad will allow IS to mobilize easily towards other key cities of the country.

Despite the presence of Russia’s and US-led coalition’s campaigns, Islamic State has continued to stand undetected, killing or wounding government troops.

BBC reports that confrontations between al-Assad’s soldiers and IS have remained at Sadad, the home of Syria’s Assyrian Christian minority, and also the place where the old language of Aramaic is still spoken.

There are a lot of reports that Russia, ally of President Bashar to conduct air strikes to target Islamic State, has also been targeting civilians, moderate rebels in the western areas, and not controlled by IS. Russia was also advised by French President Francois Hollande that Moscow must adhere to eliminating IS, and not rebels or civilians opposing Bashar’s government.

The Syrian crisis have continued to escalate over the presence of IS. The country continues to bring harm and disorder to communities as rebels and those against the government are being destroyed. The government forces, on the other hand, are torn between fighting rebels and IS.

What is happening now is that the civilians and rebels are caught in the crossfire between the government forces, IS and Russia.

With this kind of situation, IS will mobilize to increase its territories, starting from Maheen, and will take control of the major cities of the country.