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Johnny Depp does not have an alcohol problem, says Alice Cooper

Johnny Depp does not have an alcohol problem, says Alice Cooper

Johnny Depp has a certain image among his fans and critics, the latter often think that actor/musician has a problem with alcohol but it’s deceiving feeling. Alice Copper, the close friend of the Ninth Gate’s star, insists that Johnny is a sober and disciplined person.

Hollywood Vampires, a rock band where plays Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper and a couple of legendary musicians, is rather popular. This week, when another wave of accusing Depp on alcoholism risen, Alice Cooper stood up for the actor, who was accused of excessive drinking by ex-wife Amber Heard.

Alice defends his colleague:

“It’s so funny because you never see Johnny drunk, ever. It’s just Johnny. And he’s such a good guitar player that Joe Perry from Aerosmith takes guitar lessons from him. That’s how good Johnny is. And he’s the nicest guy in the world.”

Johhny Depp’s performing in Hollywood Vampires rock band

Johnny Depp is the gifted musician, he often advised something interesting to his first ex-wife Vanessa Paradies. The French singer thanked Johhny a lot for his refreshing ideas in several her singles. Over the years, Depp played with different famous guitar players like Kris Kristofferson last week at Glastonbury.

Alice Cooper who defends Johnny and insists the actor doesn’t have any problem with an alcohol added that Depp is a gifted musician.

“Johnny will go and play with Paul McCartney, he’ll play with the Stones, he’ll play with everybody. I don’t think of him as an actor when he’s on stage. He’s never once seen one of his own movies”


After more than three decades in the biz, the demonic-looking Alice believes his best work is still ahead of him. Iconic and paranormal lands on July 28 and Alice’s tour hits our shores in November.